Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in the Bioinformatics Virtual Coordination Network. If you are interested in the lessons and tutorials that were designed for the BVCN, you can find them at our YouTube channel organized in playlists by topics. Links to presentations, tutorials, and hands-on activities can be found through our Wiki tab organized by topic.

The instructors and 700+ learners partaking in the BVCN are also communicating through a dedicated Slack channel, if you would like an invite to join please fill out this form and read our Code of Conduct.

The BVCN will be holding a virtual conference in June of 2021 - “Holistic Bioinformatic Approaches used in Microbiome Research” - attendee details and registration is available through our webpage. The presentations for the conference will be available through our YouTube channel starting 7 June 2021.