What is the Bioinformatics Virtual Coordination Network

Welcome to the website for the Bioinformatics Virtual Coordination Network (BVCN). Many research laboratories are currently shutting down due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic. This leaves academics at all levels in a difficult position - where research in the lab may not resume for many months. We are a group of bioinformaticians and computational biologists committed to helping wet-lab biologists pick up some computational skills/begin computational projects during this global crisis.

Please see here if you’d like to be involved by either helping or participating or both!

BVCN Organization

This webpage functions as the central hub for the Bioinformatics Virtual Coordination Network. To get started with the various lessions and tutorials created by our instructors, you should visit our Wiki page. From there you can access the 10 topics that are currently underdevelopment by the BVCN Volunteer Instructors. If you’d like to participate in the BVCN – ask questions, meet other scientists at your experience level, participate in discussion – you can receive an invitation to our Slack channel by completing this survey.

BVCN Calendar